Incorporating Intelligent 3D Character into the Interface for Interactive Digital TV System
Ying-Szu Chen
In recent years, intelligent interactive digital TV is one of the most important applications in the research of digital living space. We think a good interactive TV system must have a vivid user interface to interact with users. In this research, we propose to incorporate intelligent 3D character into the interface design for interactive digital TV system, to enhance the user experience of the interactive digital TV system. In the smart interactive digital TV system we developed before, call SITV, many interactive scenarios can be considered in the design of intelligent 3D character. We propose to develop our intelligent 3D character with the concepts of mobility and expressiveness on body motion such that appropriate emotions can be presented through motions depending on the scenario and character configuration. For example, an intelligent 3D character can act like a housekeeper living in the TV monitor. He can take different actions for different scenarios to make the service friendlier. We have developed our animation system in JAVA and designed experiments to evaluate different types of user interface design on different scenarios. The experimental results show that an interface with an intelligent 3D character will be friendlier than the others.
Category: Autonomous Digital Actor, Affective Computing, Interactive TV