Design of An Intelligent Camera Editing System for Computer Animation
Jou-Wang Wang, Hui-Yin Wu, Quentin GALVANE, Tsai-Yen Li, Marc Christie
Movie is the art of "storytelling." In addition to arranging story elements in a movie, a director must also consider how to present the story by shots arrangement and operations. Filmmaking is a time-consuming process. Although there are many post-production tools available in the market, it is rare to find a tool focusing on facilitating shot arrangement to improve the quality of a movie. In this work, we have developed an intelligent camera editing system for computer animation, in which users can easily set up virtual cameras through selecting shot icons recommended by the system. It can also provide intelligent feedbacks to novice users and check if the shots selected by the users violate the rules in virtual cinematography. In order to show that the system is an innovative and effective tool for making an animation film, we have conducted an evaluation study by inviting participants with different photographic backgrounds to experience the system and verify the usability of our system.
Category: Computer Animations, Virtual Camera Planning