Designing Parameterized Procedures for Real-Time 3D Figure Animation with Affective Expression
Yueh-Hung Lin
Human or human-like creatures are the main subjects of computer animations. In addition to facial expression, body gestures and motions are also indispensible components for realistic character animation. The goal of this research is to create emotional character animation with computer procedures. This goal may contain two subgoals : first, we aim to design parameterizable animation procedures for human body motions in order to reduce the cost of producing key-frame based character animations with improved generality and reusability; second, we incorporate style into procedural animation and validate the relation model between emotion and motion with psychology experiments. We first applied different styles into the walking motion and conducted experiments to see if the participants can agree with the way that we manipulate the style parameters. Furthermore, for the walking motion, we conduct experiments to find the mapping from the emotion parameters to the style parameters. Then we applied this mapping to emotion-specific motions to see if the animations perceived by the users can be further enhanced.
Category: Autonomous Digital Actor, Computer Animations, Affective Computing