An Experimental Platform for Smart Interactive TV-SITV
Ping-Yi Liu
Smart interactive TV has been the focus of much research on digital life in recent years. We regard that a good design for interactive TV should be based on better understanding of user behaviors and viewing contexts in TV watching. Therefore, in this research, on top of the Windows Media Center, we propose to build an experimental platform called Smart Interactive TV (SITV) to help us find out the characteristics of user behavior and subjective needs when watching the kind of TV. On SITV, designers are allowed to emulate broadcasting programs, schedule the programs, define control functions, collect user interaction data, and incorporate external application systems. We have designed several experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of our new context-aware control functions including volume control, fast retrieval of newly viewed programs, personalized program recommendation, and rule-based context-aware functions by the use of computer vision techniques. We believe that SITV will serve as a novel experiment platform to facilitate the design of smart interactive TV. We will continue to conduct more psychological experiments to better understand user behaviors and how to design effective functions on this kind of TV environment.
Category: Interactive TV