Idea Storming Cube: An Online Brainstorming System to Support Collaboratively Creative Thinking
Chun-Chieh Huang, Hao-Chuan Wang
The objective of this research is to develop a Web-based collaborative tool for learning creativity. This research describes a game-based system, Idea Storming Cube, in support of creative thinking. It aims to make people form a creative and Perspective-Modifying thinking habit. Based on theories of this kind support system and prior studies, we propose to integrate exciting game environment and intelligent support mechanism into the creativity thinking support system. The system acquires knowledge from domain expert, user inputs history, and individuals of a brainstorming group, and then provides user-, goal- and context-sensitive supports. Compared to classic tutoring systems, it focuses more on stimulating divergent thinking. The system can be utilized with two distinct support strategies, Basic Mode and Agent-Assist Mode, in order to support different learning objectives. One focus on knowledge learning, the other highlights the divergent thinking ability. The proposed Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) tool for collaborative idea generation has been implemented, and two experiments for preliminary evaluation of the system are also reported in this thesis. The major results of this study show that the game-based brainstorming system with appropriate intelligent support outperforms the other types of systems because the game competition environment can make them concentrate on the brainstorming tasks and let them think more from different view points for learning the knowledge with the support of the peer-like agent.
Category: Intelligent Tutoring System