Interactive Motion Control for Intelligent Characters in 3D Games
Chun-Chieh Chen
Allowing a virtual character to interact with the user autonomously in a 3D game has been a challenging problem for long. There has been much research in this direction but most of them have to trade interactivity of control with the quality of the generated motions or the other way. It is rare to see a system that can find a good balance between these two factors. In this thesis, we propose an interactive system consisting of a motion planner aiming to find a good balance between these two factors. Our planner attempts to predict the feasible motion space in the near future according to user commands. We use the concept of time-budgeted computing to maintain a data structure called Feasible Motion Tree representing the feasible motion space. This tree is maintained in an incremental fashion and is used to select the most appropriate motion clip when the current motion clip comes to the end. We have used this motion planning module to implement two different applications and verify its efficacy and efficiency. We believe that this motion planning module can be used in a real-time virtual environment, such as a game, for the improvement of the interactivity and the quality of motion control.
Category: Intelligent User Interface