Interactive 3D Avatar Control
Shu-Wei Hsu
In a 3D virtual environment, a user takes part in various activities such as walk-through a scene by controlling the avatar representing the user. Intelligent avatar control means a control mechanism using AI techniques to improve user naviga-tion efficiency. This thesis reports research on two aspects of intelligent avatar control: we attempt to improve the efficiency of the first-person intelligent ava-tar control interfaces and extend the intelligent interface concept to a third-person control mechanism. First, we improve a force-field based intelligent interface by adopting an adaptive mechanism that can generate a tailored force field according to user control behavior. In addition, in a motion-planning based assisting mechanism, we have introduced the concept of virtual link to improve the quality of the generated avatar path. Second, we use the concept of C-T space roadmap to design a new motion planning algorithm to generate collision-free motion for a third-person-controlled avatar. We have designed a mechanism to allow motion generation and execution to happen in parallel and collision-free motions for the upper body of the avatar can be generated in real time. We be-lieve that this type of intelligent control interface can enhance the efficiency of avatar interface control and improve the realism of the generated avatar motions.
Category: Intelligent User Interface