A unified approach to the motion planning of an autonomous digital actor with multiple motion abilities
Yueh-Tse Li
Enabling a digital actor to move autonomously in a virtual environment is a challenging problem that has attracted much research attention in recent years. Many researches have been also to generate the motion of a digital actor in an uneven layered environment. In this thesis, we have extended our previous work to enable the digital actor to have the ability of jumping over a barrier and the ability of manipulating obstacles in order to make room for passing. Most previous work in generating manipulation plans for obstacles must first decide the order of manipulation and then manipulate obstacles in accordance with the sequence. In this thesis, we design a motion planner that can take all motion abilities of the digital actor into account in generating a collision-free path in a layered environment cluttered with various types of obstacles. This planer takes a unified view to consider all types of motions including manipulating objects that could change the system configuration. The experimental results will be demonstrated with several simulation examples to show the effectiveness of the system.
Category: Autonomous Digital Actor